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“Finally A Proven All In One Done For You System For Creating Strategic Alliance Partnerships With Other Businesses Who Will Send You Qualified Referrals Every Month Like Clock Work...Guaranteed”

Try our Accelerated Business Marketing Strategic Alliance System in your business for 60 days. Follow the instructions laid out for you and implement the tools we give you, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it to us for a full refund or your purchased price.

I know you’ve been there—talking to a prospect for an hour and they absolutely don’t “get” the value you provide. Or they balk at price and feed you excuse after excuse…objection after objection. Heck, these ‘bottom-feeder” prospects will do anything to haggle on price and dollar and cents you out of a sale. I mean, what’s the point of blowing a huge wad of money on advertising if you’re just going to waste your time on leads that aren’t motivated to work with you?

If you keep having to talk to these cheapskates, you’re going to be spending most of your time trying your hardest to “convert” them—time that should be spent actually making money. That means less profits for you and more frustration, anxiety and stress. And while that’s happening your competitors who know the “secrets” will start lapping up the clients who “get it”, pay well, and value the service you provide. They’ll eventually eat you alive—leaving you forever scraping by with meager profits, working longer hours, and constantly worrying about your business when you should be “mentally present” with your family.

Well, I’ve found a solution! This marketing system I am going to reveal to you attracts more of your ideal customers that don’t haggle on price. Because they will be referred to you from other businesses who they have already built up a trust with. And that trust is automatically transferred onto you.

Think about the last time a friend of yours recommended a certain shop or restaurant to
you. Your trust in them has you pre-sold to go and try it out for yourself.

You see, it causes a different buying trigger. People like to deal with people they know like and trust. You can easily appeal to them if you do it right. These people will be less likely to haggle you to death on your first consultation call.

So if you’re going to be spending money on advertising, why not attract prospects that
make buying decisions on factors other than price and actually value what you bring to the table?

Working with and setting up strategic alliance partnerships with other businesses is one
of the 4 pillars to rapid growth and success for any business. (The other 3 pillars are Public speaking, Publicity, Advertising and Marketing. For more information with these contact support@acceleratedbusinessmarketing.com.au).

Having 3-5 or even more good businesses constantly sending you referrals will see your bank balance grow like never before and leave you wondering why you never did this earlier.

Included in the Accelerated Business Marketing Business Partnership system is:

>Brainstorming ideas on who to target for your business. Not just the obvious in your industry.

>A complete 3 letter sequence done for you template, just fill in your personal details and offer, ready to go. Use this initially to set up a meeting with your prospective JV partners.

>A postcard template ready to go, just fill in your details and offer. This is a great lead generator you can leave at other businesses to place on their counter giving away free information to make you stand out above your competitors and be the only choice in your industry.

>A list of ideas you can use as your offer for the partnership for them and you.

>How and what to send so as your letter gets opened by the intended person. (sneaky tricks here).

>Website copy if your offer is to direct their customers to a specific deal or special.

>Phone script to use to set up meeting with potential partner.

>Ideas on gifts you can use to send to their customers.

>Letters your partners can use to endorse you to their customers.

>Tracking spreadsheet so you can measure everything.

>A four step direct mail sequence to send to leads that haven't taken up your offer. These are gentle reminders to the lead with underlying emotional triggers to get them to act. Sending timely reminders has proven to increase response rate.

>Auto-responder emails to remind the leads to come in and take up your offer once they have opted in. You include a expiry date to create urgency to respond.

So now you know what's inside the Accelerated Business Marketing Strategic Alliance System you maybe thinking "heck I can do all that on my own" and maybe you can but let me warn you,

It's Extremely Easy To Screw It Up

and you only get one chance to impress upon other business owners that you want to work with.

Let me tell you this. If you already have a business and you want it to grow dramatically, the one off purchase price of $997 will be irrelevant when you experience increased customers ready to pay you money under YOUR terms. And once you set up this system with one Joint Venture partner you can duplicate it and set it up with multiple Joint Venture partners for the life of your business blowing your competitors out of the water and making you the go-to person in your field.

Or if you are just starting out in business you will thank me profusely for all the wasted money I will have saved you from running boring advertisements that don't work.

And the best part is you are covered by our 100% "No Brainer" Money Back Guarantee.

It’s a royal pain to spend thousands of dollars on advertising and only attract a bunch of prospects that either don’t have the money or time to invest in your product or service.

Plus as a bonus we will send you the latest edition of our Monthly Millionaire newsletter filled with marketing advice and ideas you can implement into your business, valued at $27.

So to get our Accelerated Business Marketing Strategic Alliance System today, click on the Buy Now button. Once payment has been processed we will collect all your relevant information and send you your package in the mail by express post.

Once again this system is only $997 + $12.95 postage and handling plus you get our 60 day money back guarantee on the purchase price.